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Goat and Gold VR

Important note!
This game is VR-only, standard controllers are not supported!


  • 2 VR controllers recommended
  • Teleport anywhere using Directional Pad
  • Squeeze to grab any object


  • Blowtorch: use the trigger to enable the torch, then follow the white lines until they all turn red, and detach the panel out.
  • Skeleton Key: Once you've entered the key into the keyhole, turn it to the right. Has only one use.
  • Sliding locks: find the right combination by putting sliders up/down (or left/right)
  • Bolt Cutter: cuts through padlocks.
  • Wristwatch: check how much time is remaining by looking at your watch on your left hand

Josquin - code
Thibaut - code
Clémence - design, art
Sylvain - design, art

This game was made for Ludum Dare 37.

Install instructions

This is a standard Unity 3d build. Extract contents to wherever you like and run the .exe


Goat and Gold VR 1.02 41 MB

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